Support #EFWeek

Network Partners

The role of Network Partners is to be dissemination multipliers (as in-kind contribution).
Ideal Partner: Large coworking or other network organization (preferably non-profit) active in several EU countries.

As a Network Partner, we expect that you

  1. 1.
    Organize a minimum of 1-2 #EFWeek events having to do with 1-2 EU countries (to be discussed; we are open to other suggestions).
  2. 2.
    Promote to your network of freelancers (via newsletter, social media, blogs or whatever else is best for you):
    • 1. Our call to organise events
    • 2. Our call to attend events
    • 3. Our call to participate in the European Freelancers Survey
  3. 3.
    Send us your logo in vector/curves format (.eps or .ai or .svg), in colour and black/white.
  4. 4.
    [optional] offer a minimum of one “deal” to freelancers in our deals section.

What we offer you in return

  • We show your logo on our website and marketing materials.
  • We'll make a visual (with quote) and share it on social media or in a short post for our blog.
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