Event formats
Format types can be any of the following, adnd can be online or off depending on your local conditions:
    Meetup - to meet other experts in your field, learn and exchange knowledge
    Speed Date, Matchmaking Session or Fair - to connect freelancers to clients or each other
    Networking Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner - eat, drink and meet some interesting people
    P2P, DIY or DIWO Workshop or Webinar - to share skills, tips&tricks and insights or to co-create
    Consultation - in a group or one-on-one
    Support or Solution Session - to discuss problems and to brainstorm how to fix or improve something
    Hackathon - to ideate and produce concrete solutions
    Round table, Discussion Panel or Debate - share your views, exchange ideas, make conclusions and recommendations
    Hacktivist Action, Rally or Protest - to make a political stand or fight for a cause
    Live Interview - with freelancers, organisations or clients
    Portfolio or Case Study Reviews - to promote your work and get feedback
    Online Hangouts - forget physical borders and reach out to international community
    Open Doors or Open Studio - to share your everyday routine and environment
    Jam session, Artistic Performance or Exhibition - to experience unique ways of expressing thoughts or emotion
    Pop Up Store or Makers Market - to promote your work, sell your products and meet other food, drink, art and craft producers
    Fundraiser Party - to benefit your local freelance organisation, community or fellow freelancer in need
    Festival or Conference - one theme, multiple formats
    Or any other - do tell us what we forgot!
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