About #EFWeek: what, when, who, why?

#EFWeek (European Freelancers Week) is about empowering and self-organizing the self-employed.

Last years’ theme "Freelancers Assemble! Working Together in the New Economy" aimed to drive all local events towards one objective: create an ecosystem of support, protection and collaboration, made by freelancers, for freelancers. The 2019 European Freelancers Week's theme is "Freelance Ecosystems in Europe."

What is it?

EFWeek is a chance for independent workers all over Europe to come together through learning, skill sharing, networking and action.

It is a crowdsourced week of events and includes events in participating countries all over Europe, locally, regionally and nationally.

Anyone can propose and host an event to be held anywhere in Europe.

When is it?

#EFWeek returns October every year.

#EFWeek is made up of events and activities organised by you at European, national, regional or local levels.

You can bring freelancers together in your own country or join up with freelancers from other countries. We invite you to register your event through our webpage so that the event can be added to our electronic map, making it available for all to see. Your event will then be highlighted on our social media, websites, in publications, and in other forums.

Who can take part?


Anybody in Europe, that is. Anybody willing to get together with freelancers to share knowledge and experience with each other, is welcome to join up.

This includes:

  • vocational learners;

  • teachers;

  • trainers;

  • career counsellors or researchers;

  • learning organisations;

  • clubs, groups, nonprofits;

  • small or medium-size enterprises;

  • large companies;

  • employment services;

  • local/ regional/national authorities;

  • think tanks;

  • trade unions;

  • civil society organisations;

  • chambers of commerce or industry;

  • social partners

Why would I do that? Sounds like a lot of work to me

#EFWeek is a unique opportunity to focus the attention of all the stakeholders in Europe on the issues of freelancers in Europe. It is a chance to engage with society at large, and raise our voices together in your community and across Europe. It’s a chance for key stakeholders with similar goals to connect and come together in a combined effort that capitalises on individual successes.

Through your involvement, you will be able to:

  • co-brand your event or activity using our visual identity and slogan;

  • be part of a large network of individuals and organisations promoting and talking about freelancing;

  • receive more exposure and interest in the work that you do and the issues you care about;

  • have your events promoted on our map and through our social media.